John G Lake- The Final Authority of the WORD- And Revival


“Revive me according to Your Word.”

Psal119: 25


We long to see a revival in the land, but the Lord God does not operate on our terms. Many of us are walking in a spiritual draught, or we are hanging up by our nails, crying out to the Lord. What we need is to hear His Word. We must allow nothing to hinder our ability to hear His Word.


John G Lake said:


“I wonder if you have ever paid attention to the different occasions in reading the Scriptures when the voice of God is mentioned. You know the thing that makes the Bible the Bible is the fact that somebody had an interview with God. Somebody heard from Heaven before there was any Bible.”


The Bible is not a collection of opinions of men about God but the testimony of those who pressed in beyond the veil and spoke with Him. The Word is His voice. Not just a voice speaking to a previous generation but His voice which still speaks to us today.


Lake further explained:


Then the conversation or incident of the experience was recorded, and these became the Word.”


That conversation was a now word, a perfect and timely message of life to the one who heard and to all who heard. Today if we hear His Word, it is life and light to us.


“Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.”

Psalm 119: 105


Unfortunately, today we think the Word is open to our interpretation and subject to our opinion. We say the Word merely makes suggestions regarding what we should do, and then we wonder what it does not produce in our lives like it did in previous generations.


John G Lake explained:


“Now the Word of God is indestructible became it was a real voice, because it was a real experience, because God really did or said something and the record thereof is true.”


Listen to what the Lord declares about His Word:


“So shall My Word be that goes forth My mouth; it shall not return to Me void, but it shall accomplish what I please, and it shall prosper in the thing which I sent it.”

Isaiah 55: 11


His Word has final authority and does exactly what He intends it to do. When His Word goes forth, it never fails to do and accomplish exactly what He desires. Yet, we see the Word as an opinion or recommendation. We see His Word as a story or fabrication and then wonder why the Word does not produce in our lives.


Lake explained:


“And if you have doubts and questions and fears concerning the Bible and its inspiration, we know that if one soul ever heard from Heaven another soul may. If ever one soul had one interview with God, another soul may. If ever one knew his sins forgiven at any period,  another man may know his sins forgiven now. If there ever was a man or women healed by the power of God at any time, then men and women can be healed again.”


The call to come to the Secret Place and there encounter the living Word is for all.


“He who has made his residence in the secret place of the Most High will abide in the shade of clouds of the glory of the Almighty. I will say to the Lord, ‘My security and my strong fortress, my God! I will rust in His Word.”

Psalm 91 1, 2 Targum Onkelos


Here in Aramaic, we see how we can encounter Him and His Word in the Secret Place of His Presence. He wants us to know and trust His Word. His Word is a strong fortress and security if you will hear it and receive it.


John G Lake explained:


“And the only thing necessary is to return again in soul experience to that same place of intimacy with God where the original individual met God.”


Here in the Secret Place, the Holy Spirit speaks the Word to our spirit, and as we receive it, the Word has life in it and on it, enabling it to deliver, heal, restore, redeem, and produce fruit. No matter what the need, His Word is more than enough and will deliver His purpose for your life if it is received as final authority. He is the Most High God, and His Word does not bow to us, but we must humble ourselves to His Word.


Lake explained:


“That is the way you prove the Word of God. That is the reason that Christians love the Word of God. That is the reason that the Word of God becomes the thing men live by and that men will die by.”


In previous generations, when men or women dared to believe the Word as the final authority, the Word shuck nations, defeated enemies, and changed things. When they stood on the Word and prayed, God responded in revival.


“Forever, O Lord, Your Word is settled in Heaven.”

Psalm 119: 89


Now His Word must be settled in our hearts. Jesus speaking of this generation, said:


“You have little strength, have kept My Word and have not denied My Name…”

Revelation 3: 8b


The Lord calls us to keep His Word and not simply walk in our opinions and interpretations of the Word. The power of the Word is when we settle it in our hearts.


Lake said:


“The reason men lived for the Word of God and died for the Word of God, the reason they were ready to endure dungeon, fire, and sword was because of the fact that the Word of God became a living reality to them- not just a theory.”