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Join us as we pray daily and fast once a month to see revival in this generation. The Word calls us to ask for the rain in its season. We are also told to sound an alarm according to Joel chapter two and declare a fast. At the same time His royal priesthood (which is every believer) is to weep between the altar and the porch. We have provoked thousands of believers (Evangelical and Pentecostal) to join the campaign to pray for revival. He has promised that if we His people will humble ourselves and pray, He would turn and heal our land. We need healing. This nation needs an awakening.

We believe revival is a divine assault on society and when they happen everything changes. In Joel chapter two we are offered the hope that if we will return to Him and rend our hearts and not our garments, He may turn back to us. He has promised to restore His church. In previous generations we have seen the former and the later rain in the form of Great Awakenings and revivals. But the promise remains for Him to pour out His Spirit ON ALL FLESH. The context of the promise His in the latter days and before great judgment.

Previous generations saw dark hours in the church’s history when it looked like it was all over. But they prayed and sought Him and in His mercy and faithfulness He moved. This generation deserves judgment and so does the church. But we are called to stand in the gap.

We must humble ourselves and pray. Why? Because of command to love the brethren! Plus the heart beat of heaven is souls. He waits long for the harvest. Now is the time so let their be a cry on the earth for mercy.

Please join us and pray daily. There is no formal membership. Just simply pray and ask others to pray. We would love to hear from you that you are praying. But please pray and once a month fast. No revival in the past was birthed without prayer and fasting. They called for daily prayer and once a month fasts. So, let us hear the Cloud of Witnesses provoking us to step up to the plate and serve our generation.