Robert was born in Chicago, Illinois. At the age of five his father became terminally ill with cancer. So, his father took the family back to England where he passed away. After spending a year in England, they moved to Derry/ Londonderry in Northern Ireland. At the time it was the seventies and Northern Ireland was in the midst of the “Troubles.”


As you can imagine these were difficult days but his mother taught him to pray daily.  It was during one of these prayer times that Robert had an encounter with the Lord. During the event Robert received the Lord has His personal Savior and his life was changed forever. It was also at this time that the Lord called him into ministry.

Later as a teenager he had planned to go study medicine when the Lord spoke to him and said, “Will you do my will and go into ministry or do you wish to go into medicine?” The Lord explained that if he would follow His plan for his life, He would get him into university. As a result Robert chose to pursue the will of the Father and while he didn’t study medicine he did study Biochemistry.


Also at this time Robert began to be discipled by American missionaries. Today they remain his spiritual parents and pastors. He was also mentored by several pastors as he sought to learn all about the Word and ministry. Then in 1988, Robert began preaching the Word at local churches. However, he felt the burden to return to America and start a work there.

Pure Heart Ministries

As a result in 1992, Robert and his family returned to America with the goal of starting a church. Not long afterwards Robert met his future wife whom he married in 1995. Today his wife and him live in Elgin and have four children. Then in 1997 Robert saw a lifelong dream fulfilled when he was finally ordained and licensed.

In the same year the church, Pure Heart Ministries was established. Pure Heart slowly gained traction as a church in Elgin, Illinois. The church would meet over the years in different school buildings and store fronts.


During the services the Lord would move powerfully and looking back what they saw was the beginning of a revival. People would be great impacted. Many people became believers and many believers saw their lives changed.

However, for many reasons the church was closed, and Robert went on a sabbatical. This would be the beginning of a “wilderness” time for him. It would be perhaps the hardest and most difficult time for Robert. But out of it he would emerge with a greater fire for the Lord.

Revivalists and Heroes of Faith

In 2015, the Lord spoke to him and reminded him of the call which was has always been based on Joel chapter two. AS a result the vision and call of the Lord became clearer. The Lord had told him to go study and create documentaries on the Great Awakenings and revivals of the past as well as the heroes of the faith. In 2016, he made a return trip to Ireland to work on the revivals in Ulster and some heroes of faith. Be

Since then Robert has worked with many famous Church historians and has gone to the places where various revivals occurred, . He has also visited key sites where various God’s Generals ministered. He has created numerous videos and continues to work on many more. His heart is to blow a trumpet in Zion and provoke believers to pray for revival.


He also seeks to share the stories of the heroes of faith, so believers will likewise step up to the plate and serve this generation as they did theirs. He further believes we can learn from these generals and be catapulted into our divine destiny.


Robert believes we are on the verge of the greatest revivals of all times and has provoked thousands of believers from both evangelical and Pentecostal circles to pray daily for revival. He desires to see an orchestra of pray for revival because it is time for a Global Great Awakening!