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The Call

The Call

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you. And before you were born I consecrated you; I have appointed you to the nations.”

Jeremiah 1: 5

Before you were born He called you for a divine purpose and He has been calling you to step up to the plate and fulfill it. Your greatest joy and satisfaction will come from doing so. The Lord knows you inside and out and all you to the perfect purpose that He qualified you for.

Maybe as you look around you see the call as a far-off dream or impossibility. But don’t forget one thing, The Lord Almighty! Look at the heroes of faith and see how they were all too often no bodies in the middle of nowhere. How could they ever become what they did! How could you every even dare imagine or receive the thought that these nobodies would have such a global impact that would last!

Many people have arisen and become successful only to die and leave maybe a faint legacy that erodes over time. But what about doing something that changes history and becomes something that will be recalled eternally! Look at John G. Lake in the middle of Ontario or Kathrine Kuhlman in Missouri! Then look at John G. Lake and how his family was devastated with sickness and even he suffered greatly. How could he be so bold as to dare step foot in the field of those proclaiming Jesus is the healer and to heal the sick. It would be hypocrisy! And even if he did dare look at all the obstacles put in his way!

If the devil can’t kill the call, then destroy it through discouragement or steal it by drawing the person off to something else. How many worship leaders are pop stars who have given their souls to the devil? 

“Lord, take every cursed thing out of my soul that keeps me from believing the Lord Jesus Christ”

John G. Lake

All those strongholds that stand in your way must be brought down. The mountains that dare taunt and challenge you must be faced in the Name of Jesus and cast into the sea. Everything in us that opens the door to the enemy and allows unbelief to linger must be addressed and eradicated.

So look around and like Abraham don’t see the limitations and impossibilities but see the fruit and the hope! Oh, that the hope He gives would be alive in you and as a result every day you would move towards it! Abraham never saw the fulfillment but you can!

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