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Leave Your Baggage Behind

You Can’t Run Holding Baggage

“Then David left his baggage…”

1 Samuel 17: 22

You can’t run to the battle dragging down by baggage. Too often we walk away from a major battle, defeated and discouraged. This then become more baggage we carry to the next battle. Have you ever noticed this part of the story when David faced Goliath? Before he entered the battlefield, he left his baggage.

If you are able to join us for our live Sunday broadcast, we will be talking about this. David faced the same battle from the enemy several times. If you take note you may notice that the attacks of the enemy on you are very similar. He has sought to determine your weakness and attack you in that area.

David was the forgotten son. Samuel comes to Bethlehem and the leaders come in fear and trembling because they knew the prophet was in town. There was a fear, respect and honor of the prophet. What he said and what he did carried power. He had authority from God and before men and they respected him.

It make it clear he has come to anoint the next king so the best of the best of Jesse’s son’s are slowly presented to Samuel. They were all highly qualified and surely one of them was the king. The enemy loves to disqualify and make you an outcast. David, the youngest son not alone was not there but he was forgotten. Samuel had to ask Jesse if he had another son. Can you imagine being told to bring all your sons and you forget one. Now can imagine if the president or some high-ranking official said he wanted to meet your family for a very special event and that he was selected one for a powerful purpose would you overlook one? Yet, Jesse did. But God didn’t and He overlooked all the qualified ones to get to David. God will pass over a million to find the one who hungers and thirsts after Him. He does not look at your qualifications or resume, but your heart. Is your heart His?

You see David was out in the fields alone and rejected by man seeking the Lord. His eyes were not on himself but the Lord. Underline that ad catch what the Spirit is saying. You must loose yourself an find Him.

At the battle with Goliath once again the same attack came. His brothers and father failed to receive and acknowledge David. They rejected Him. The Holy Spirit came on David and set him free from the wilderness and rejection. He was no longer overlooked or forsaken. But before he could get a breakthrough the enemy would challenge the move of heaven.

For more please watch the broadcast. But let me say, Goliath means, “exile.” He would face the very thing personified that the enemy had used against him all his life. But before David could run he needed the anointing of the Holy Spirit and he had to leave his baggage behind! The key to once and for all overcoming the stronghold of the enemy that taunts you and stands in the way of your breakthrough is the anointing of the Holy Spirit and leaving your baggage behind. Leave discouragement. Leave hurt. Leave bitterness. Leave the memories. Leave everything of the flesh behind. All the weight and decrees. All the things people have said and done. Leave it in the Name of Jesus. Refuse to be weighed down by the past and receive that you are not just a new person in Him but you have been infused with power and you are anointed for the purpose of God. So run free and run bold!

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