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He Is In Control

“He has made known to us the mystery of His will, according to His kind intention which He purposed in Him, with a view to an administration suitable to the fullness of times, that is, the summing up of all things in Christ, things in in the heavens and things upon the earth. In Him also we have obtained an inheritance, having been predestined according to His purpose who works all things after the counsel of His will to the end that we who were first to hope in Christ should be to the praise of His glory. “

Ephesians 1: 9-12

Read these verses again and again until in is a solid foundation in you- He is in control and He has a plan that He is working on. Then look carefully and you will see that He is driven by His kind intention. Wow! Oh, that we would lay hold of that and then act out of His kind intention. Too often we get a zeal for Him and act according to what we deem His purpose and will, but we forget that we must be motivated and driven by His kind intention! His love must be the basis of all we do!

Our prayers must come out of and ooze His love. We can trust Him because He acts out of love and kindness towards us. Too often we act seeking our way, our agenda and out of emotions. We want Him to change others because they hurt us instead of being focused on Him and allowing Him to change us!

But, what about all those who hurt us or do us wrong? Where is justice for us? What about me? I want change, but they need to change as well- correct?

We must understand and come to the place of knowing He is Lord, He is in control and He is working all things after His KIND attention! He wants to show us KINDNESS! He fully knows all you have gone through and He wants to you to know He cares but you must trust Him! We must allow Him to change us and bring us to a place where we simply love.

He must be able to touch those hurts that have become sacred high places in our lives. Those things that no one has been allowed to come near, you must allow Him access to and the ability to pull down!

I am tried of prayers that bounce off the ceiling and deliver no results! I know He is a God Who hears and sees and answers so why our prayers powerless and unanswered? I prayed in faith standing on His Word so what went wrong?

Faith works by and through love! His Word his love revealed and made known to us. Love is the driving force of all that is done in heaven. On this earth the motivation is always self-ambition, self-preservation, selfish need and wants and all too often hate. But heaven is not like that.

He is seeking to lift us up so we act and see things from a higher perspective! He wants us to see how heaven works so we can see power in our pray and change in our life. If we truly could see what we absolutely bottom-line need is not others to change! No! We need change and we need to come to a place of peace! That is what He wants for us and that is what He will do for us if we will simply surrender. Your flesh will want to riot but your spirit man will rejoice. It is a radical new way of thinking and walking.

So, let go of all those hurts and allow Him to wash the slate clean. Everything people have done against you- let Him wash it away. I realize that all to often we hold on to them because we were wrongly treated, and we never want to go through that again. We don’t want to forget because we don’t want to let our guard down again and let it happen once again. I could go on and on, but will you simply let Him wash the slate clean and take all those things you have held to whether you were justified or not and remove them? It is scary, but you can trust Him! He acts only out of KIND intention towards YOU! He is focused and acting out of love towards YOU! His intentions are perfect and His track record impeccable.

Today He calls to you? Will you answer Him or continue to allow things to build a wall inside of you slowly blocking your ability to hear Him and tainting your love walk? Today can be that day you dreamed of, the day of your real breakthrough! All things He can make new and all things He can restore! So, return to Hi with ALL your heart and surrender full and completely to Him. You don’t have to be afraid anymore because He reigns, and He truly loves YOU!

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