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Listen carefully to this verse…

“Follow Me, and I will make you fisher of men.”

Matthew 4: 19


This is a call the Master makes to all of us. We are called to follow Him.  Tas we follow Him we start to become like Him. We see His heart and how He acts and handles things. We have to imagine it as if we are in an apprentice with a master craftsman.  Remember Amos chapter three…

“Can two walk together, except they ne agreed?”

Amos 3: 3


We also know from the Word that we become like the company we keep. Remember in the Book of Acts that they said of the disciple…

“Now they observed the confidence of Peter and John and understood they were uneducated and untrained men, they were amazed, and began to recognize them as having been with Jesus.”

Acts 4: 13


Here we have two disciples that were untrained and uneducated based on paper but in practice they act like they are trained and educated. More importantly they act like Jesus. The religious leaders could see in what they did and how they did it, Jesus. For three years they were mentored by the Master. Now what do we see them doing? Acting just like the Master.


Think about it in the natural if I sat under someone for three intense years it would be clear the influence and impact that person would have on me. If I admired, respected and agreed with that person, I would most likely come to a place where I look and sound just like my mentor. You would see in my style even and my heart my mentor!


If we read the first verse correctly, we see a call by Jesus to these disciples to come and let Him mentor and train them. Jesus is the Great Fisher of Men! He is a Master craftsman at it and He calls us to follow Him as an apprentice.  Bottom line what I am trying to say is- the call to follow is not just to let Him lead, but to learn so that we become and act just like Him!


So, if we are followers of Jesus the burden for souls must be on our hearts and we should seek to be fisher of men. That is what our Master is like and is calling us to. You can’t say you follow, if you don’t do what the Master asks.


We are called not to win converts but to make disciples of men. This should be natural to us if we are followers of the Master. Amen? We are to come and follow and learn to be just like the Master, and then go out and train others to be like the Master. How do we learn from the Master?


“Be imitators of me, just as I also am of Christ.”

1 Corinthians 11: 1


As you see Christ in me, imitate it. We follow someone as they follow Christ. Our eyes are to be fixed on Jesus and not a person, but Jesus works through people. Basically, we follow the gifts of men and women the Master has given AS they follow Christ. What I love about the heroes of faith is simply learning from them how they successfully followed Christ and where they missed it. I want to imitate the good and not the bad!


If they are truly following Christ and imitating Christ, then bottom line they will be fishers of men for Christ! They are building Christ’s kingdom and seeing souls won and discipled for Jesus! We need to run with those who will strengthen the call, sharpen and stretch our spirits and help us fulfill our divine purpose. We need to run with the right people. If you go to university and want an advance degree you chose a professor that will help you in the focus in which you feel drawn. We need people who understand our call and can add to it and mature it. Remember we are One Body but many parts and each part has a different function and flow. We need to fit into the part of the Body in which we flow.


The second part is the character of Christ. As the disciples walked with Jesus they absorbed not just the skill and heart but the creative character and wisdom of Jesus. They uneducated men suddenly walked with a confidence and were spiritually sharper that the religious leaders of the time. So, despite their so-called lack of formal education, they carried a spiritual wealth of knowledge that made them experts. Plus like their Master they had a wisdom.


When you work with a master craftsman they just know things and have a creativity ability to see things no one else can see. Spiritual leaders who have walked and been mentored by the Master exhibit those same characteristics. If we were able to go back in time and actually see Jesus in His earthly ministry you should be able to look at leaders in the church and say, ‘they walk just like Christ did in His earthly ministry.” In the big and small things you see it and the world needs to look at us and see in what we say and do, Jesus!


That means those attributes of Christ should manifest in our lives. The passion and fire of that person consumes the disciple and in turn they pass that same fire on. So, the term “Come Follow Me,” means so much more than just simply take a walk with Jesus. It was a reckless abandonment of their old lives to learn and walk out a new one. It was a clear call to align with and become just like the Master, the One calling us to follow.



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