Pre Revival Season One

/Pre Revival Season One

Pre Revival Season One

Pre-Revival Seasons Part One


“The kingdom of God has thus ever increased by a succession of sudden and vigorous expansions, whose intervals have not been without regularity or plan. It is one of those great expansions of spiritual life which seems now to be at hand.”


This was written many years ago regarding the season before the revival of 1800. Let me share with you the climate of that hour…


First men had just returned from the war of Independence and like all wars it had a major impact. The nation had seen much bloodshed, trials and deaths. In addition, it was still suffering from frequent massacres of families by Native Indians along with homes burnt and harvests stolen. Then there was the “demoniac acts of barbarism committed by renegade white men living with but doing out doing the Indians in such acts, and the almost unrestrained prevalence of crime.”

In terms of ministry- “Many of the pulpits of the country were filled by a formal and worldly ministry, or by men who had fled from the ecclesiastical censures of the lands across the seas. The Church was, where it existed, generally conformed to the gay society about it.” In other words, the Church ministers looked and acted just like the world.


The late eighteen century saw several major epidemics including small pox which some even called leprosy. Now listen to this and see if it sounds familiar…

“They say formidable innovations and convulsions in Europe threaten destruction to morals and religion; scenes of devastation and bloodshed, unexampled in the history of modern nations, have convulsed the world, and our country is threatened with similar calamities. We perceive, with pain and fearful apprehension, a general dereliction of religious principles.” Further, there was a rise in atheism, deism and other attempts to weaken the power of the Gospel. The land was filled with “profanes, pride, luxury, injustice, intemperance, lewdness and every species of debauchery and loose indulgence greatly abound.”

Yet in the midst of this great apostacy and profligacy believers were stirred to call for days of fasting and humiliation. “And were prayers ever lifted before Him in such abasement, sense of need, confident in His mercy and reliance on the all sufficient atonement and intercession of Jesus Christ… It is when the enemy comes in like a flood and threatens to overrun and sweep away all that is precious, that the Spirit of the Lord lifts up a standard, causes a trumpet to be sounded, rallies His followers, and bestows the most sudden, overwhelming and glorious triumphs.”

As we look around it is easy to think it is simply too late. But the believers in times past thought the same, but instead of declaring defeat became bold and dared believed in the Lord of the Hosts of the armies of Heaven, the Lord Jesus Who won the absolute victory

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