Partakers of the Divine Nature Part Two- Let us Love

/Partakers of the Divine Nature Part Two- Let us Love

Partakers of the Divine Nature Part Two- Let us Love

Partakers of the Divine Nature Part Two- Let us Love


Jesus in His last discourse in John 13-17 with His disciples before going to the cross shares with them the keys and secrets to fulfilling His purpose on the earth. As you read these chapters He keeps telling them to “love one another.” It is if He is saying, “oh, did I say yet I command you to love one another?”

In John chapter seventeen, verse twenty-six He shared basically that the love the Father has for Him, was the love He had shed abroad in our hearts when we believed. We are meant to be vessels filled with, over flowing and giving His love.

Maybe you are seeking to see a love one to come to Jesus. Maybe you face people who are persecuting you or maybe you are just standing for souls to come to know Jesus. Whatever the case, His love is the answer. For too long we have overflowed with the hurt, bitterness, frustration and us demanding our rights. And we wonder why they don’t want what we have! Each one of us is longing for His love. We are not complete without it and, so we seek to fill the need with people, things, etc., and end up in addiction, bondage and hurt. Nothing can satisfy like His love. We all need His love.

Paul prayed in Ephesians three, that we would be ground and rooted in His Love and that we would know His love which surpasses knowledge. Your brain tissue can’t comprehend or understand His love. It must be received not by the mind but heart. Further, John wrote in 1 John 3: 16, that we know or get a revelation and come to understand His love through the Cross where He paid the price for us and laid down His life. He did it for everyone, even those who would never receive Him but would persecute Him. Yes, even those nailing Him to the cross.  His love was for all. He laid down His rights on the cross and surrendered to the love of the Father. He saw you not through your sin and guilt but the Father’s perfect love.

In John chapter fifteen verse nine, we are called to “abide” in His love. To stand, be grounded, rooted, to settle in, to meditate, and to come to the place where it consumes us. We must see the wretch we are and how we have sinned. Then we must see the power of His love towards us. We must see His mercy and though we don’t in any way deserve it, He loved us and calls us to receive His love.

We then must understand when He said He is the vine and we are the branches. The life the branch needs come from the vine, but it only comes if the branch releases that life. The flow of life demands the branch pull that life by means of a chain and for that chain to continue pulling the life, it must release that life.

The only way you change your situation and those around you is you must abide first in His love and then second release His love through you. His love must consume you until it breaks you and all hurts, roots of bitterness, etc., are washed away in His love. You must see no longer through the scars of what you have gone through but rather the scars of Jesus and His love. You cry out for those who come against you life Jesus and demand mercy from the Father.

It is here that you are changed and when you are changed and consumed by His love, those around see something in you that draws them and begins to change them. Yes, you got it, it is His love manifested through a lay down life.

SO, I provoke you according to Hebrews chapter ten, verse twenty-four, to love and that starts by you loving and receiving His love. Would you take time TODAY and EVERDAY just loving Him. That is telling Him you love Him, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Loving Him and receiving Him and His love. Loving Him by spending time hearing and doing His Word. Spend time in prayer!

Oh, may we be consumed by His Word and His love so that as Jesus said the world would know we are His disciples because we love with His love! This is the key to revival!

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